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Any Browser

With CarryLinks, you can transfer, create, access, and fully manage your bookmarks regardless of the browser(s).

Any Operating System

CarryLinks allows you to view and work with your bookmarks on any operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.

Any Device

Regardless of your device, CarryLinks supports them all: Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Cellphones, etc.

Any Location

CarryLinks carries your bookmarks wherever you go: home, work, the bus, etc. So, JOIN US.


Save an UNLIMITED Number of Bookmarks

Upload Existing Bookmarks from Any Browser

Search, Edit and Manage Your Bookmarks

Backup Your Bookmarks with One Click

Keep Your Bookmarks Private

Choose to Share Bookmarks with Others

Make Comments on Public Pages

Connect and Collaborate with Other Users

Create Quick Response (QR) Codes

Automatically Check for Broken Links

Why CarryLinks?

Have you ever wanted to ...

  • access and manage your bookmarks from work or school
  • check if your bookmarks still link to existing web pages
  • shift from one browser to another and still see all your bookmarks
  • access your bookmarks from your mobile device
  • share your links with others with a single click?
  • Well, CarryLinks is what you need. And, it's FREE!
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